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winery Stahl, Oberwesel-Dellhofen, Rhine river, valley of the Lorelei, Germany, between Frankfurt, Mainz, Rudesheim, Bingen, Bacharach, St. Goar, castle Rheinfels, Boppard, Koblenz / Coblence, Koln / Cologne  Middle Rhine wine tasting up to 30 people in the brick arch cellar

The vineyards on the middle Rhine river

Slate Locations farm Tasting-germany map Tasting Brick arch Vineyard Origin People Stores European Valley Price Vacation area Equipment Influence Cellar Rhine-wine Grape Variety Riesling list Hotel Rooms Breakfast Buffet room Rates Springtime Offer Discount Package Summer Hiking Trails Trips Walking Tours Conferences Seminars Presentations Tavern Traditional bar Parlour inn Festivities Festive Festivity Airport Railway boat Landing Stages day Cruises Sausage trip Character Southern Europe Sunshine Growing soil Individualities vine Mineral sun Whilst Garden Neighborhood Process Produces Winery-stahl Rhine-wine-vineyard European-vacationThe origin of a wine is fundamental to its uniqueness and character. In southern Europe, the excess of sunshine and warmth has an equalizing, standardizing effect, whereas the further northern the wine origin lies, the more pronounced is the influence of climatic fluctuations.

At the middle Rhine, the Romans had already inaugurated the wine growing over 2000 years ago.

Wine obtains its character also through the soil. The individualities of the soil are absorbed through the vine roots, to be rediscovered in the character of the wine itself. Slate gives white wines a typical slim and fruit-like, sparkling and mineral character. The slate soil also stores the sun's warmth whilst retaining little water which produces a natural regulatory process.

The vineyards of the estate lie within the boundaries of Oberwesel, Dellhofen, Engeholl and Langscheid.






Kunstobjekt europäischer Landschaftsgarten "Rheingarten"
Also in the direct neighborhood to the art object European landscape "Rheingarten" (Rhine garden), in the area "Langscheider Hundert", we have a vineyard with the wine grape variety Riesling.

These are steep and even the steepest locations, machine-equipment can only be used under exceptional circumstances.

However, the tedious manual labor protects the valuable plants as well as the fruit, and necessitates only a minimum of refining-agents during the processing of the wine.






Vineyard estate, Winery Stahl
D-55430 Oberwesel-Dellhofen, Germany
Tel. Winery +49  6744  1486
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Winery Stahl
Weinproben bis 30 Personen im Gewölbe-Weinkeller
Wine cellar,
middle Rhine-wine tasting
up to 30 people

The vineyards: Did you know that wine has been grown on the middle Rhine for over 2000 years?

Wein-Rebsorten am Mittelrhein
The wine grape
Why is the wine grape variety Riesling the most grown on the middle Rhine?

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